Why Choose Glenridge Boarding House?

08 Feb

Glenridge House is a friendly, comfortable place to live where we provide delicious meals using only the best ingredients.  Breakfast, and snacks are provided everyday.   Dinner is prepared by 6pm so by the time you come home from a long day at school or working a hard day, dinner  is ready for you. You don’t have to worry about spending your time cooking, or doing any housekeeping that is all done for you.  No need to go shopping for groceries, paying bills, doing repairs, yard care, and going out to do the laundry. We have that all taken care for you, why stress needlessly.

If you are an international student this is a great place to practice your English speaking skills.  Our home environment will enhance your dining experience and spend time talking with other boarders.  Living here you can experience a home environment and celebrate all our holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If your schedule allows it, we can show you around the town, eat at restaurants, go shopping, and take in some of the local festivities.

Our yard has several floral and vegetable gardens you can enjoy.  This is a also a chance to be a part of urban farming experience if you like.  Gather the eggs, eat blueberries right off the bush, pick some strawberries, learn what the many herbs are in the garden, and just sit and relax and listen to all the birds and nearby Dixon creek.

When staying at a Boarding Boarding House you live like a  family. However, your privacy is always respected.

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