Glenridge Boarding House Rules and Contract






We are a boarding house looking for individuals who wish to stay 30 days or longer.  Our rooms are for single occupancy only.  Past residents have been students, Professors, Medical staff, and individuals relocating for a new job.  Rent is based on a four week,(28 day) payment plan.  Anyone interested in boarding will need to fill out the contract and be accepted.    

All meals are complimentary.  All utilities are included in the rent (water, electricity, heat, garbage, bedding, laundry, and internet).  There are no first or last month deposits, house duties, or security deposits. 

Off street parking is available for boarders. Bus stops are close and campus is about a 10 minute bus ride.  All buses are free!

Rent is due by 5:00 p.m. on the 28th rental period. So, it is advisable to pay your rent early to avoid problems and misunderstandings.  There will be a late fee of $30.00 for each day your rent is late.  When scheduling direct deposits, schedule them a day or two early.  Banks can be late and you will be charged for the late fee.  We also have an account with Paypal.

All rules and laws regulated by city and state also apply to all house guests and boarders.  

We are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items.  

No pets!  We have a house dog and a house cat.

This is a non-smoking resident!  Smoking is not tolerated anywhere on the premises or by any guests.  

Lock the  front door behind you every time you exit or enter the house. 

If you would like to check some references visit a site called the DCA,  You can contact the staff there for information about us or any other place in Corvallis

No overnight guests!  No more than two guests per visit. Quiet time starts at 10 pm every night.  


Kitchen is not for boarders use!  The microwave is available for heating up convenience foods.  Kitchen is closed 10 pm.  You must provide your own disposable dishes if you wish to eat in your room.  Special dinners can be arranged ahead of time if anyone wishes to cook for the house a special dinner.  We welcome the opportunity to learn new meal options or cooking techniques.


All meals  are complimentary!  Dinner is served Monday through Thursday only.  Dinner is served buffet style, with a variety of dishes that reflect the local seasonal foods.

Breakfast will be a basic selection of items.  Breakfast is available from 6:00 am to 9:00 am. every day of the week. 

Dinner is served at 6:00 pm.  No late dinners.  If you are not here at dinner time you just need to make sure you are checked out in advance with a 24 hour notice.  

All boarders need to be dressed in street clothes when eating meals or walking around upstairs.

No  accommodations will be made for any special diets or food allergies. A small refrigerator is provided in each room for your convenience.  

Bedroom and Bathroom

Keep your room tidy and neat at all times.  Keep all articles of clothing, boxes, off the floor.  Do not bring anything into the room that does not fit in the closet, drawers or desk.  You will need to rent storage for extra items you may have.  No hanging of pictures, posters, boards of any kind in the room.  Do not bring any furniture, fans, heaters into your room.  Please let me know if anything is not working or might need attention. 

You will need to share a bathroom with one other person and keep it clean.  Making sure you wipe down the counters and leave the bathroom as clean as you found it.  Always leave bathroom door open when not in use.  When taking a shower be sure to use the fan to keep bathroom fresh.  Foot towels are provided for your convenience. 

If you open any windows close them when you leave the room for any reason.  Be sure all windows  are closed and locked when leaving your room for any reason.  Do not use the window sills as shelves.  

When you give your termination notice your room becomes available for viewing by prospective new boarders.  


We have a free on site washing machine and dryer.  Laundry detergent is provided and must only be used because of the high efficiency machine model we have.  All laundry needs to be finished by 10:00 p

Your Information  and  Contract

Today’s  Date________________

Print your full legal name___________________________________________  


I,______________________________________ , have read all the house rules and agree to them.  I wish to board at Glenridge Boarding House.   I also give Glenridge Boarding House Administration Staff  my permission to use this information I have provided below for a background check at no cost to me.  All information about me provided below is accurate as of this date and I understand that I will communicate with the staff if there are any changes in this information in the future while boarding at Glenridge House.  I understand that I will need to have a house orientation before I move in.  If at this time I am not satisfied with the house or staff feels I am not a good fit for the house I will need to find housing elsewhere.  

I will  start boarding at Glenridge House,


My first months rent is $_______________.  If I stay another month the rent will be due______________.

This rent amount is non-refundable should I change my mind for any reason.  

My mobile phone number is_______________________________

Email  is______________________________________

My Name is (please Print)________________________________________

Date of Birth,___________________________

Place of Birth:   City,_______________________________State/Country________________________

My occupation :_________________________( student, where you work, etc.)

Student ID or Employee number Number:______________________Campus:________________________Grade:________

Who do I contact for job or student verification
Name____________________     Phone________________

Drivers Licence Number:___________________ State:________________

 All About You


What is your area of study (if a student) or job?  


Where did you hear about Glenridge House?  


Do you enjoy being around people or living alone?


What kind of weekly schedule will you have?


How do you like being reminded that you have forgotten a house rule?


What do you like to do in your free time for fun?


Why do you want to live here?  


Have you ever been convicted for a crime?  If yes, please explain.


Who should I contact in case of an Emergency:

Their name:_________________________________________

Phone number_______________

Their address:_______________________________________________________

Their relationship to you:____________________________________________


Thank you for filling out this information.  How well you answer the questions, in full complete answers, will help in determining our choice of your application.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.


Glenridge Boarding House

3026 NW Glenridge Drive

Corvallis, OR.   97330

Phone:  541-760-1068


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